Njuguna Wanjiru

Murang'a, Kenya

Javascript Developer

About Me

Hello! Am Njuguna and Welcome to my corner on the internet.

Life and the world around us is so much bigger and complex, but am really thankful for I have found areas that am really passionate about , intrigued by and find meaningful.

I believe information is the wheel that spins the world, and understand "The more I learn the less I realize I know". And in the areas of work I believe that work was designed as a good thing, both for others and ourselves. I'm a self-taught web developer living in Murang'a Kenya and a big fan of all-things Javascript. I love the ability to see an idea applicable in any field from start to finish.

I'm also passionate about music and other ideas 😀


Javascript HTML CSS Sass Node.Js Express Js MongoDB Angular


A few other things I occupy myself with...